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Leaving LJ  
09:29pm 27/05/2012
Luke T. Barnett
Due to their support of and rallying for Planned Parenthood, I will be removing my stuff from Livejournal and deleting my account in a week. Those who wish to keep in contact, PM me and I will give you my email if you don't already have it.
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What makes you a geek?  
10:33pm 25/05/2012
Luke T. Barnett
I got excited the other day when I booted my computer from an IOS stored on my flash drive.

What about you?
mood: geekygeeky
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After Dinner  
07:15pm 24/05/2012
Luke T. Barnett
Just laying here on my belly after dinner...with my sons crawling around me, perusing my friends list seeing what peoples are up to. I see AC is coming up soon again. No plans to go to that this year, no money anyway. There IS a local Renfest that we are planning on going to. On vacation next week, so hopefully be able to go strawberry picking. TONS of story ideas that I REALLY want to start. Have to finish my fanfic and then my novel first, though.

Speaking of my fanfic, it's currently in the works but what I have so far is posted here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3925804/1/Destined

If you like Metroid, Perfect Dark, or Tomb Raider check it out. Bedtime for the boys! Later!
mood: fullfull
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Hey, I'm actually posting!  
12:06pm 24/05/2012
Luke T. Barnett
Wanted to give praise to God first and foremost. He really does deserve it more than anything. Just looking back at how I was before I started seeking Him in His word everyday and just committing myself to His shaping hand and care. I was such a scared little kid. Looking at how far He's brought me and just the fact of how often I get lazy or don't do my best or shove Him off so I can indulge in other things...yet, he WON'T LEAVE!!! He just won't leave me alone! He just keeps after me. He just keeps tenderly, loving, patiently, growing me, bringing me back to His word, and fostering in me a love and desire for Him and His word and to grow, learn, and seek His face and His face alone. How awesome is He! I wish I could give Him full credit that He deserves. Praise Him.

Wanted to write more, but I'm out of time on my lunch break, sick, and can't really think very well (hey, I just wrote more!). So I'll just say toodleloo for now.

And that's all there is.
There isn't anymore.

(Free air for whoever can name that quote)
mood: not badnot bad
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Romans 15:22  
07:56am 24/03/2012
Luke T. Barnett
For this reason I also have been much hindered from coming to you.

Paul just got done explaining to the Romans that he has been preaching the gospel to the gentiles in all the places around asia minor that had not yet heard by the power of God and not by his own accomplishment. Then he gives the above verse.

I myself think I have been much hindered in visiting my family and friends who are out of state. But there is a reason for this and God knows it. He has work for me to do here, obviously. And however brief my stay in Missouri or California might have been, it would have hindered me and my family from establishing a solid habit of ministry here in Cleveland. That's important and I don't think we often realize just HOW important. We think we have the right to do whatever we want whenever we want because we are "free in Christ". Brethren, we are free in Christ to WORSHIP and SERVE Him. That is what we should be doing. I have asked the Lord to help our lives (me and my family) to be more gospel centered. Lately He's put on my heart to see how, though I am hindered from seeing my loved ones, though I am geting no bites in my search for an IT job, though I cannot seem to find time to learn a new language, these things do not matter. What matters is serving Him where I am and being content and joyful in that. To that end I have asked Him that. That's what we need to be. Always pressing forward, always seeking to better ourselves and pursuing those things which the Lord lays on our hearts, but at the same time, always being content and joyful in serving Him where we are, and looking forward to the new things He will bring us into, ultimately the resturn of His Son in the clouds.
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Long hiatus  
03:41am 20/02/2011
Luke T. Barnett
It has been too long since updating, I know. My sincere apologies. I have been writing and am currently on the final chapter of the book. It is proving quite difficult, the situation made worse by the fact that I have little time to write due to another newborn in the house. My thanks to those of you who have held on. Lord willing, I will get this chapter written soon and by the end of the year the book will be on the shelves. It is all in His hands. It is His book, not mine, and He may do with it as He pleases. Let it all and only be glorifying to Him. I will update again when I have made some progress.
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Final two chapters in sight!!!  
11:57am 31/07/2010
Luke T. Barnett
The first draft of Half-Orc: The Tale of Gash Bloodaxe is almost complete! I am now entering the final chapter(s) of the book. This final section may be only one chapter, but it depends on how long it runs. Once the first draft is completed, I will move on to reviewing and editing the text. This will include fixing spelling errors, changing location names, filling in plot holes, and cleaning up some of the writing among other things. I expect this process to take a few months time, however it may be longer due to schooling. I will keep you updated on the progress. After that I will send it out to my beta readers who will give me some feedback. I will fix what I agree with and leave in what I don't. After this, it's professional editing and finding an artist for the cover art and sketches for the individual chapters. Once all that's done, it's PUBLISHING TIME!!! I'm shooting for a goal of the end of next year. Lord-willing, it will be sooner than that. Thanks to everyone who has stayed with this. It's exiting to start to see things coming together. Praise God! It's all by His hand.
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Long-awaited update...  
05:02pm 13/06/2010
Luke T. Barnett
Sorry for the hiatus with updating. School and life has eaten up most of my time so writing has been little and far between. However, the Lord recently granted me time to finish the rather intense chapter I had previously mentioned with greater ease than I had expected. Praise Him! The other great thing about finishing this chapter is that it closed a gap in the story that I had previously left open. I now feel confident about moving forward to the end of the book. I estimate only three and one-half chapters to go (though with the way things have been going it might turn out to be more). Lord-willing I will get the first draft done by end of summer and then I can move on to editing. Thanks for everyone who has stayed loyal despite the inconsistency of my postings. Rest assured, I am progressing, just not at the pace I should like. I will update again when I get the next chapter complete.
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Update on Gash progress  
10:59am 28/12/2009
Luke T. Barnett
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Just began another chapter on Gash. Backtracking a little bit so I can get the emotions of the characters and their mindsets right for a chapter further down the line. As I write these chapters whenever the characters enter a new area, I write out the history for that area. Slowly, the Lord is building a history for my world, chapter by chapter. I hope to have future books featuring Gash, seeing him travel to further places and perhaps team with different adventurers, although this may be the only book where he encounters Lilliandra of the Light elves. Who is that, you may ask. She is a very influential character upon Gash's life and an ambassador for the God Most High. Want to know more? You'll have to read the book when it is finished.

See you next time!
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Thanksgiving Day Update  
11:23am 26/11/2009
Luke T. Barnett
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Gash's story has be sludging along. Currently, I am in the midst of chapter 22 wherein takes place a deadly confrontation. Only a few chapters to go after this. There may be an additional chapter, but I will have to determine whether it is relevant to the story. Thanks for all who are keeping track. :)
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