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Romans 15:22  
07:56am 24/03/2012
Luke T. Barnett
For this reason I also have been much hindered from coming to you.

Paul just got done explaining to the Romans that he has been preaching the gospel to the gentiles in all the places around asia minor that had not yet heard by the power of God and not by his own accomplishment. Then he gives the above verse.

I myself think I have been much hindered in visiting my family and friends who are out of state. But there is a reason for this and God knows it. He has work for me to do here, obviously. And however brief my stay in Missouri or California might have been, it would have hindered me and my family from establishing a solid habit of ministry here in Cleveland. That's important and I don't think we often realize just HOW important. We think we have the right to do whatever we want whenever we want because we are "free in Christ". Brethren, we are free in Christ to WORSHIP and SERVE Him. That is what we should be doing. I have asked the Lord to help our lives (me and my family) to be more gospel centered. Lately He's put on my heart to see how, though I am hindered from seeing my loved ones, though I am geting no bites in my search for an IT job, though I cannot seem to find time to learn a new language, these things do not matter. What matters is serving Him where I am and being content and joyful in that. To that end I have asked Him that. That's what we need to be. Always pressing forward, always seeking to better ourselves and pursuing those things which the Lord lays on our hearts, but at the same time, always being content and joyful in serving Him where we are, and looking forward to the new things He will bring us into, ultimately the resturn of His Son in the clouds.
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