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After Dinner  
07:15pm 24/05/2012
Luke T. Barnett
Just laying here on my belly after dinner...with my sons crawling around me, perusing my friends list seeing what peoples are up to. I see AC is coming up soon again. No plans to go to that this year, no money anyway. There IS a local Renfest that we are planning on going to. On vacation next week, so hopefully be able to go strawberry picking. TONS of story ideas that I REALLY want to start. Have to finish my fanfic and then my novel first, though.

Speaking of my fanfic, it's currently in the works but what I have so far is posted here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3925804/1/Destined

If you like Metroid, Perfect Dark, or Tomb Raider check it out. Bedtime for the boys! Later!
mood: fullfull
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