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Update on Gash progress  
04:03pm 05/10/2009
Luke T. Barnett
Chapter 20 in now complete and I am in the midst of chapter 21. Still some kinks to work out where I want certain parts of the story, but the Lord is unfolding it beautifully! Chapter 20 didn't turn out to be the emotional roller coaster I thought it would be. Instead, that will be reserved for a later chapter. Speaking of later chapters, only 4 to chapters to go before the first draft is finished!!!! Are you excited? Cause I sure am. :)
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updated profile  
04:57pm 07/09/2009
Luke T. Barnett
Just updated my profile on here. If this is to be my writing blog, it was horribly out of date. Feel free to check it out. :)
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Update on Gash progress  
01:54pm 05/09/2009
Luke T. Barnett
Hey, fans!

It's been quite a year. Please forgive the hiatus. Things indeed were crazy here for a while. Birth of a new son, a new job, and now a new apartment. But rest assured, I have been slowly working on "The Tale of Gash Bloodaxe" all of this time. Currently, I am in the midst of chapter 20. The end of the first draft is in sight and I estimate it to be a mere 5 chapters away! How exciting!

This will be a difficult chapter to write as it is filled with deep emotions. But by God's grace, I will have it completed swiftly.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 16: Dwarvenhome.

The two walked through a dark cavern whose edges were somewhere beyond the light shed by the torch held in the dwarf's hand. Such seemed the openness of the place that Gash expected to feel some sort of wind, yet the air was still, as if it had laid dormant for many years, yet lacking staleness, untouched by the ages. Gash followed the dwarf down a narrow, winding bridge to a landing where they were met by seven archways cut into the solid rock wall.
the dwarf stopped in the middle of the landing and turned to face Gash.
The dwarf, stone-faced and unreadable as ever, regarded carefully the half-orc that stood strong and tall before him. The firelight danced upon his unmoving face and upon Gash's scowling brow. Even without a knowledge of dwarves and their ways, Gash knew he was treading on forbidden ground. This dwarf had trusted him to bring him this far. He would not defile that trust by speaking or stepping out of turn so long as he was on dwarven ground. And so he remained silent, staring back at him, waiting for his instruction, and his sanction to proceed.
But the dwarf did not speak, but after a long moment, again turned back toward the archways.
“This way.” He said and headed for the one just to the right of center. Gash followed in silence.
The dwarf lead him in silence up a steep, winding path. The cavern twisted and turned. Gash noted there would be plenty of places from which one could place an ambush and he remained on guard, just in case. After some distance, the passageway opened up to another large chamber just as empty as the first. The dwarf led Gash across another narrow bridge, this one straight and flat. They passed a wide stairwell leading down into the darkness, and another on the other side leading upwards. They came to a third, much more narrow stairwell leading up. Onto this one they turned, climbing a long stairwell to yet another bridge leading to the left and to the right. They turned right and headed into another tunnel hewn out of the rock wall. After some winding they came again to another bridge in what Gash was convinced was the same chamber, though the bridge may have been different. The walked a little ways and took the first stairwell they came to which led them down.

I will attempt to do more regular updates from now on, now that things are a bit more settled. Much thanks to those of you who are still here. :)
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04:30pm 27/09/2008
Luke T. Barnett
The first images of Gideo Todd Barnett

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Currently on Chapter 12  
04:36pm 25/09/2008
Luke T. Barnett
The twelfth chapter of Gash is running long and may turn out to be a thirteenth chapter. This does not mean I am near the end. Far be it. I believe this is about the middle of the book. We shall see just how many chapters and pages result when the dust has settled.

I am also working on origins for the races of my world. Here's a sneak peak on what I have so far:

God created man from the dust of the earth, woman from man's rib. After the fall, in the same manner as man and woman, He made the elves from the trees to help man tend the earth. He made dwarves from the rocks to teach them to endure and perservere. He made dragons from wisdom itself, to teach the humans to walk in the fear of the God Most High. Because of the fallen nature of the world, however, each went its own way. Elves became isolated in forests, dwarves in mountains. Dragons split into two factions. Those who sought to continue in wisdom and fear of the God Most High remained as they were, wise and gentle, though still terribly powerful. Those who turned to wickedness and abandoned wisdom became savage, viscious and bloodthirsty. Yet God in His mercy allowed their intelligent minds to continue, yet the wisdom slowly ebbed from them and they no longer possessed that of their former glory. Dragons are not often seen now, though there are many guesses as to why. I have not quite figured out the origin of orcs yet, but it is on my mind.

The land that Gash's story takes place in is a continent mostly wild and unsettled. Few civilizations exist, but those that do are sprawling cities and city-kingdoms. The orcs are nomadic, remaining in the northlands migrating withing a certain distance of the Bent Mountain and never straying to the Forbidden South. They are quarrelsome amongst themselves and amongst the many orcish tribes. Their threat to those living in the north is mostly of raids by small clans, thus the need for cities and the lack of small hamlets. Thus they have mostly kept to themselves, save for those they happen upon in the wilderness.

But as Gash and his friends learn, something is stirring in the north and it is causing great fear amongst the people of the south. A great evil is rising and stirring the land in which the mighty orcs dwell. Gash is finding his existence hopelessly intertwined with his estranged kin and he finds himself drawn to the north to find answers to an enigma; a happening that, by all accounts, cannot happen. As well he is drawn to find his place, his purpose, and what this God Most High would have of him.

More to come soon, hopefully sooner than later, if teh Lord wills, from Half Orc: The Tale of Gash Bloodaxe
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Struggling with self vs. Publisher  
02:03pm 28/06/2008
Luke T. Barnett
My apologies for not having updated in a while. Once internet is good and going, things should pick up.

The following is more of a venting than anything, advice or insight is welcome, however.

I am still struggling with choosing to publish my book myself through lulu or actually go through a publisher. I am not afraid of putting in the work for promotions if I do self. I am more than a bit worried about a publisher taking my book and then saying "This, this, snd this must be changed" and me not being able to do anything about it.

I guess this issue has come up recently because I keep pondering what it is I would be most happy doing as far as vocation (a word I believe means "calling") And I realy can't see anything comparing to staying at home and writing my books.

Language fascinates me. I don't know what God has instore for me as a linguist or even if He has that in store for me. I don't know what to expect from it so I don't know if I'll be more fulfilled from it than writing. But I rather doubt it.

My dilemma comes in when I think about the return I will get from my books. If I do self publishing, I MAY get a good return, but it may not be comparable to what I would get should I go with a publisher. Then again, it IS all dependant upon the Lord.

I'm very particular about my words. I don't want some editor who doesn't know my heart or my brain to come in and chop up the story God gave me to tell.

I don't want to be unwise concerning my books. I'm not the best salesman, I don't speak well to others often.

I'm just a bit conflicted. So, if you would, prayers for wisdom, discernment, and a knowledge of God's will and trust in Him as God.

Any insight into the publisher world would be greatly welcome as well.

Thanks, Everyone. :)

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06:26pm 06/06/2008
Luke T. Barnett
It's in there.

*points to _bp_rose*


To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen! ^_^
mood: excitedexcited
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Excerpt from Gash Bloodaxe  
12:29pm 30/05/2008
Luke T. Barnett
This week we have another excerpt from Half Orc: The Tale of Gash Bloodaxe.

From Chapter IX: Travel.

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Next week I will be taking off as internet access may not be available. The following week, I will have a review of Skillet's CD Comatose.
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Review of The Screwtape Letters & Screwtape Proposes a Toast  
02:04pm 21/05/2008
Luke T. Barnett
This week, I bring you a review of the book by C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters & Screwtape Proposes a Toast

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Next week we will have another excerpt from Half-orc: The Tale of Gash Bloodaxe.

Thank you again, for reading. See you next week. :)
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Only God can Make a Soul  
12:36pm 15/05/2008
Luke T. Barnett
For publishing reason, I was going to put off posting this story here this week. However, Jesus tells us, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no."

Therefor I bring you this week: Only God Can Make a Soul.

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If anyone would like me to feature their flash fiction or very VERY short story fiction (SF or F only, please) on this blog, please email me with a brief synopsis or the whole story if you like. I will review it and let you know if I will post it.

Next week, we'll have a review of The Screwtape Letters & Screwtape Proposes a Toast. Thanks again for reading. See you next week! :D
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